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Moab Cloud Optimizer integration for HP Cloud Service Automation 3.2

Adaptive Computing has announced the release of Moab Cloud Optimizer for HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) version 3.2. Moab Cloud Optimizer’s range of cloud policies can be visually set and monitored to continuously optimise service placement, service performance, utilisation and capacity management, resource reservations, and resource maintenance.

The solution’s policy-based optimisation enables organisations to deliver resource utilisation rates two to three times higher than virtualisation alone with continually maximised utilisation and usable capacity, the company says. In addition, by automating repetitive management tasks such as migrating services for maintenance, IT staff can scale to manage more services and shift resources to support new projects.

Moab Cloud Optimizer is pre-integrated for HP Cloud Service Automation and is available as an optional extension to HP Cloud Service Automation from HP and HP Partners.


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