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Minitab 16

Minitab has released Minitab 16 Statistical Software, the latest version of its package used for quality improvement and statistics education.

Minitab 16 offers new functionality and features, including the Assistant, a menu-based tool designed to guide users through their analyses and help them interpret their results with confidence.

Other enhancements include: nonlinear regression; split-plot designs; more power and sample size tools; tolerance intervals; new reporting features; new tutorials and datasets.

The new Assistant feature opens the door to statistical analysis for more people, so everyone engaged in quality improvement efforts throughout an organisation can make more effective use of their data to make the best decisions.

The Assistant contains an interactive decision tree that helps you choose the right tool and walks you through your analysis step-by-step. It has a simplified interface that is easy to understand, and includes guidelines to ensure your analysis is successful. It even provides interpretation of your output and comprehensive reports you can use to present your results.


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