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Micron launches Micron Enterprise 5100 Series SSD family

Micron Technology has announced a family of solid state drive (SSD) products, the Micron Enterprise 5100 Series, enabling future data storage platforms to meet the combined demands of performance, capacity and enterprise-class reliability. Micron’s 5100 Series Enterprise SATA SSDs provide IT with an easy migration to bridge the infrastructure divide to tomorrow’s all-flash data centre.

With an 8-terabyte (TB) capacity, the 5100 Series helps you manage the data deluge created by today’s diverse digital universe with performance characteristics perfectly tailored to manage the data tsunami.

Micron is uniquely positioned to help IT embrace modernisation and agility, and leading enterprise and cloud data centres look to Micron for breadth and depth in solid state storage solutions to tame a diverse digital universe,’ Darren Thomas, vice president of storage at Micron. ‘Our Micron 5100 Series SATA SSDs featuring FlexPro architecture offer a seamless migration path with enterprise-class reliability and proven ROI, ensuring flexibility, continuity, and agility for data management today and tomorrow.’

Built on Micron’s industry-leading 3D NAND technology, the 5100 Series offers three models, each designed to satisfy the broadest variation of customer workloads: read-intensive, latency-sensitive mixed-use and write-intensive logging applications.

·         Micron 5100 ECO: Cloud services focused, optimised for content sharing (video and media streaming). Performance and endurance characteristics for consistent data throughput and fast information delivery.

·         Micron 5100 PRO: Excels in consistent performance delivery for latency-sensitive applications. Enhances your bottom line through better response times (e.g., databases powering e-commerce, trading transactions, etc.)

·         Micron 5100 MAX: Meet un-forecasted demand of today’s mission-critical data centre.  Agility and flexibility to respond easily and effectively.

In addition to faster speeds and feeds, Enterprise SSDs must provide advanced management and optimisation tools to help fully utilise their capabilities and maximise lifespan. 

To that end, Micron has introduced new FlexPro firmware architecture, paving the way for customers to future-proof their storage investment. The FlexPro architecture unifies design elements across all Micron’s data centre SSDs and unleashes the true capabilities of the storage media, enabling IT managers to easily tune specific drive features (capacity, security, endurance, power, data layout, data clean-up and performance).

FlexPro firmware architecture features first available in the 5100 SATA Series:

Flex Capacity Feature

·         Enables customers to tune 5100 capacity to deliver application and workload-optimised performance. Administrators save time and money with the flexibility to repurpose drives and servers for different kinds of workload traffic and application needs.

Flex Security Feature

·         Robust security features to protect valuable data from unauthorised access.  Helps address enterprise security concerns with market-leading data protection and encryption (AES-256 bit encryption, TCG-enterprise protection in a FIPS-validated SATA SSD) with zero performance impact.


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