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Merrem Kunststoffen deploys IronCAD

A collaboration has been announced between IronCAD and NCG CAM at Merrem Kunststoffen B.V. in the Netherlands. According to Merrem engineers, many integrated CAD/CAM packages are weak when working with STEP geometry. Following the collaboration, Merrem can benefit from having a standalone CAD that works well alongside its standalone CAM.

The company initially purchased IronCAD to import and repair imprecise STEP files received from its customers as the program is able to automatically recover imprecise geometry files using integrated healing tools. Merrem found that this capability is especially useful with CATIA and STEP files, and that the repaired geometry can be read into the NCG CAM. IronCAD can also import DXF and DWG files, and subsequently export a STEP file for downstream consumption.



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