Matlab and Simulink

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MathWorks has added capabilities for the design of advanced signal processing and communications systems with Matlab and Simulink. The SimRF product lets system architects use Simulink to design and verify complete wireless communication systems with true-to-form RF subsystem models and advanced circuit-envelope and harmonic-balance methods.

A major update to Simulink HDL Coder adds critical path analysis and area-speed optimisations for automatic HDL code generation, along with a new Workflow Advisor for FPGA implementations. Enhancements to Communications Blockset, Signal Processing Blockset, and Video and Image Processing Blockset add over 250 new algorithms to Matlab for processing streaming data. MathWorks C code generation tools now support the Eclipse IDE, Embedded Linux, ARM processors, and the SystemC TLM 2.0 standard. Together, these new capabilities enable more advanced system analysis early in development, streamline algorithm design and implementation, and provide smooth integration with commonly-used tools and standards.