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The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition

Maplesoft has announced the second edition of The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition, an e-book designed to give students precisely the information they need to overcome difficulties encountered while studying. It gives students the opportunity to review exactly the concept or technique they are struggling with, learn what they need to know, work through an example, practice as much as they want using randomly generated and automatically graded questions on that exact topic, and then continue with their homework.

The e-book was written by award-winning teacher Jack Weiner and is based on the recent second edition of his popular printed book, The Mathematics Survival Kit published by Thomson Nelson. Drawn from his 30 years of teaching experience, Weiner identified topics that both university and high school students find most problematic. The latest release of The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition contains 25 additional topics, bringing the total to 140. All of the new topics were created by Weiner in direct response to requests from readers of the first edition of the book, including students, teachers, and even parents. New materials range from basic operations such as factoring and fractions, to graph sketching, vectors, and integration.


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