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Marc 2012

Described as a leader in multi-discipline simulation software solutions, MSC Software has released a GPU-accelerated version of the Marc 2012 Finite Element Analysis application, which speeds up a range of engineering simulations. Supported by Nvidia Tesla GPUs, Marc 2012 can be used by engineers seeking to solve complex manufacturing and design problems to accelerate engineering simulations by two to six times. This enables engineers to develop more realistic models and higher quality simulations, with increased productivity and faster development cycles.

Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, advanced nonlinear and multi-physics solution that accurately simulates the response of a range of products under static, dynamic and multi-physics loading scenarios. It enables engineers to easily simulate complex real-world behaviour of mechanical systems, including automotive and aerospace components, oil and gas drilling equipment, construction machinery and medical devices, enabling them to solve complex manufacturing and design problems within a single environment.

Marc 2012 supports single- and multi-GPU system configurations and is available for x86-based Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit systems. 


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