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Maplesoft commemorates 30 Years of incorporation

Maplesoft, a leading provider of mathematics-based software solutions for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), is celebrating 30 years of incorporation. Born out of the University of Waterloo, the company has now grown into an international corporation with staff, customers, academic and technology partners, and resellers around the world. 

Throughout its 30th anniversary year, Maplesoft continued to connect and partner with customers and industry leaders to advance STEM education and to revolutionize engineering design processes. On the academic front, the company utilizes partnerships and outreach initiatives to improve STEM education, develop and enhance digital learning tools and foster online education. Maplesoft is an Affiliate Member of the Fields Institute, Educational Outreach Champion of Perimeter Institute, and Technology Partner of the American Math Society’s 'Who Wants to be a Mathematician' student competition. On the engineering side, Maplesoft is leading the Digital Twin and system-level modelling revolution through partnerships with prominent companies such as Rockwell Automation, B&R, Altair and more.

Maplesoft continues to improve its technology offerings through the development of new products and the enhancement of existing technology. The recently-released Maple 2018 offers new and improved features to benefit all users, no matter what they use Maple for. It provides an environment where students and instructors can enrich the classroom experience, researchers can accelerate their projects and engineers can refine their calculation management processes. Möbius, the online courseware platform enables instructors to author rich content, explore important STEM concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test students’ understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly.

Maplesoft has also revolutionized the engineering design process using Digital Twins, which are virtual machine designs created in MapleSim, Maplesoft’smodellingg and simulation software. By taking a virtual approach to machine-level system integration, engineers can commission faster, earlier, and with less risk. Maplesoft works closely with its commercial partners to seamlessly integrate its technology with complementary tools.

‘This anniversary is a tremendous milestone for Maplesoft as it attests to our ability to grow along with changing market conditions, continually enhance the quality of our offerings and strengthen our partnerships with industry leaders,’ said Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft. ‘Maplesoft was built on a foundation of creativity and passion for mathematics and we have worked hard to preserve that legacy. The growth experienced over the past 30 years, along with the drive of our global employee and partner base, will ensure Maplesoft continues to be a driving force in the world of online education and design engineering long into the future.’


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