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Maple 18

Maplesoft has announced the release of a new version its flagship product, Maple, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

With the release of Maple 18, Maplesoft introduces more specialised tools for engineering analysis and flexible technical application development tools to aid the creation and deployment of solutions throughout an organisation.

New functionality includes support for time series analysis, with built-in support for modelling and analysis, pattern finding, forecasting, and visualisation of data that varies over time. Significant improvements have also been made for signal processing, control systems design, and physics. Once the analysis is done, engineers frequently use Maple to construct interactive calculators that provide answers to specific problems, and Maple 18 offers a suite of improvements to make the development of these applications faster and more flexible. 

The improvements include more options to control the appearance and behaviour of interactive components, a significantly more flexible tool for one-step application creation, and extensive enhancements to visualisation. Other significant features in this release include improved performance for many common computations and new connectivity options.

Maple 18 is part of a broader release of Maplesoft’s entire engineering product suite, including Maple add-ons and a new version of MapleSim, the advanced system-level modelling and simulation tool based on Maple’s mathematical engine. MapleSim 6.4 and all its toolboxes and connectivity add-ons have been updated to take advantage of the enhancements of Maple 18’s mathematical engine. Other improvements include more powerful tools for creating custom components, performance enhancements, a significantly expanded MapleSim Control Design Toolbox, and enhancements to the model generators for Simulink and FMI.

Maple and MapleSim form an important part of Maplesoft’s Engineering Solutions, which provide expertise and tools to support the modelling, simulation, and optimisation of complex multi-domain systems.  


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