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Maple 12 language editions

Maplesoft has released several language packs for the latest version of its flagship product, Maple 12.

Now available in Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese, Maple 12 is an industry-standard tool for engineers and scientists, provides a powerful interface for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich technical documents. Maple 12 introduces a range of new tools built on Maple’s fundamental technology platform of smart documents, powerful mathematics, and seamless connectivity to the engineering design toolchain.

For instructors, 'Clickable Math' and 'Clickable Engineering' features in Maple 12 eliminate the traditional complex command sets that still encumber other math systems. 'Clickable Math' responds to the most common complaint of faculty who integrate software into the classroom – time is spent teaching the tool, not the concepts. With Maple 12 and Clickable Math, students are instantly productive and engaged.


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