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Makai Voyager 1.1

Makai Ocean Engineering has released a new demo of its Makai Voyager geospatial visualisation software. Version 1.1 includes internet streaming of scientific model data from Pacific Ocean tsunamis to Atlantic hurricanes. It provides users with an easy to access, cross-platform software package to process, analyse, fuse and display vast amounts of scientific and GIS data being collected and simulated in the earth, ocean and atmosphere. Features include volume rendering of large 4D data models, the display of dynamic data on the ocean surface, customisable graphs of scientific data, and faster streaming and improved WMS support.

The downloadable demo contains many of the scientific visualisation capabilities of the Makai Voyager software platform. The full version will contain data import and fusion tools to import and process GIS and scientific data, and provide users with access to add-on modules for specific tasks (e.g. lidar analysis). Makai Voyager is cross-platform software that runs on Windows (32- and 64-bit), Linux and Mac OS X.


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