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LIMS cross sample testing capabilities enhanced

The cross sample testing capabilities within Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) have been enhanced. Cross sample calculations provide the ability to utilise one set of results in the calculation of another set of results. Examples include blank correction, drift, and spike correction.

Previous versions of Matrix allowed the use of a test component result in the calculation of another result only for the same sample. The enhanced version now also allows the use of a test component result in the calculation of other results for a set of samples within the same run. For example, a component result from a blank sample for a particular run could be used to calculate corrected results for all samples within that run.

The result from the source sample is used to populate the appropriate number of destination test components to allow the further calculations to take place. These destination test components store the relevant data to allow the audit history of the source test component to be retrieved. Thus if the original sample is re-measured with a change of result, which in turn changes the dependent calculated result, these changes could be tracked.


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