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Lasergene v8.0

DNAStar has released v8.0 of Lasergene, its sequence analysis software that now features expanded assembly and visualisation capabilities for traditional and next-generation sequencing users. 

The desktop software provides a simplified and enhanced Primer Design for cloning purposes. New SNP discovery and reporting features allow users to analyse and manage easily SNPs obtained from Sanger, Roche 454 and Illumina platforms. New features also simplify secondary protein structural analysis, expand Primer Walking capabilities, simplify exporting to GenVision and increase the numbers of features that can be handled.   Lasergene v8.0 is compatible with the company’s new next generation sequence assembly tool, SeqMan NGen. Many of the new features are designed to provide increased analysis flexibility to next generation sequence analysis projects. 

Lasergene is a comprehensive, easy to use suite of tools for molecular biologists performing research on DNA and protein sequences. It has evolved into an assembly and analysis tool that can be used with a wide range of conventional and next generation molecular biology sequencing projects.


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