Enterpoint has introduced Lamachan2, an extreme I/O solution for HPC systems, using a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to support a high performance PCI Express interface and large I/O count.

Lamachan2 supports I/O solutions up to and including 266 I/O. Plugging in standard DIL modules, available directly from Enterpoint, allows the rapid construction of a wide range of I/O, communications, and processing solutions. Typically systems formed this way could include 256 200KHz ADC channels, communication interfaces up to 8 gigabit Ethernet interfaces, or even systems based on up to four XC6SLX150 X2 Coprocessors for low cost, high performance, algorithm processing solutions.

Lamachan2 can also be used as a support board to systems based on Enterpoint’s high performance Merrick3 boards and other future products in this product range. A high speed expansion interface, with high bandwidth capability, allows high speed, low latency, connections to adjacent Merrick3 boards without using a host motherboard for data routing. The expansion interface can also be used to link together multiple Lamachan2 boards to form extended I/O or communication interfaces.


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