Labworks 6.1

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PerkinElmer has released version 6.1 of Labworks LIMS. Building upon its Labworks 6.0 platform, Labworks 6.1 delivers a laboratory information management system (LIMS) with a zero footprint web client. This new solution can be effectively deployed with minimal user training and is designed to consistently perform on a wide variety of web browsers.

With foodLIMS, waterLIMS, greenLIMS and processLIMS packages, Labworks 6.1 LIMS aims to support the unique needs of various laboratories, from pre-login sample organisation through to reporting and data distribution. A configurable workflow allows laboratories to focus on the process steps that are most relevant to a sample lifecycle, allowing control over resources without changing the way the laboratory operates.

Process oriented laboratories, including those in water treatment, chemical and biofuels production, refineries, and food processing plants, require LIMS solutions that optimise workflow and turn around time, while ensuring safety and quality. The Labworks base product is a flexible platform that can be quickly deployed and configured to match the specific needs of a laboratory and/or industry. Labworks 6.1 retains these key features while allowing the user to take advantage of a web-connected device for information access.

Labworks 6.1 software features Labworks WebTop, a zero-footprint platform requiring no software installation on the mobile device and allowing the customer to use any available web browser to access product testing results when and where they are needed.