LabCollector v4.9

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Agilebio has announced that the latest release of LabCollector, its full web LIMS (laboratory information management system), has support for BioTillion’s RFID tube scanners. LabCollector v4.9 natively offers the ability to control remotely a wide range of 2D rack scanners, such as Micronic, BioMicroLab, ThermoScientific and FluidX. LabCollector also provides full compatibility with Biotillion’s RFID BoxMapper series, enlarging its compatibility with the newest market products.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless technology that simplifies biobanks specimen tracking. Any equipment, embedding a RIFD tag, permanently emits its position to a receiver (scanner, antenna, mobile reader), itself connected over the Internet or a local network. This means that, with minimum effort, all locations data collected by these receivers can be integrated, managed and visualised into LabCollector. Used in addition with TubeSorter, a LabCollector add-on capable of piloting an automated tube sorter robot (like the BioMicroLab XL-20), human factor error can be dramatically reduced.