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KnowItAll 9.0

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released version 9.0 of KnowItAll, which now includes an unlimited spectral range and resolution feature.

KnowItAll 9.0 allows users to store spectra in a user database at the precise range and resolution at which each spectrum was measured rather than being forced to conform to a fixed range and resolution for the entire database. As a result, users have more control over their data and can perform more accurate spectral searches that compare experimental spectra to reference databases.

Additional features in the KnowItAll 9.0 release include: independent management of properties from multiple analytical techniques in user databases; simplification of user database creation; new structure drawing tools to comply with IUPAC structure drawing guidelines; higher resolution spectra in HaveItAll IR, NIR, Raman database subscriptions; and spectra added to HaveItAll IR, UV-Vis, and NMR database subscriptions.


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