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KnowItAll 2015

Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced a new release of its KnowItAll spectroscopy software. According to the company, one of the key enhancements of the new release is 'Optimized Corrections', a patent-pending technology that performs a computationally complex set of corrections on all query and reference spectra in a search to find the optimal match between the query and each reference spectrum. Multiple corrections are applied automatically to compensate for differences between spectra caused by the variability of different instruments and accessories and other factors including human error.

KnowItAll’s Optimized Corrections yield better matches to reference spectra than can be attained using rigid search algorithms alone or with manual methods to optimise spectra for searching. This feature is critical as the inflexible mathematical algorithms traditionally employed in spectral searching cannot compensate for errors in spectra that are flawed. Moreover, while manual corrections can be made by expert spectroscopists, those less experienced in spectroscopy are often unaware of how to perform the necessary corrections on their sample spectrum to achieve the best result.

KnowItAll 2015 also features two new software applications as well as the addition of spectra to its collection of Bio-Rad spectral databases.


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