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IMCS Live, Pay-As-You-Go Instrument Maintenance and Calibration Software

ChemSW has released IMCS Live, a pay-as-you-go version of its Instrument Maintenance and Calibration System. IMCS Live is a new application in the family of web-delivered vertical offerings from ChemSW, and provides users with an enterprise-level solution at an eminently affordable low cost of entry.

An Instrument Maintenance and Calibration System, IMCS Live is a robust laboratory equipment calibration tracking and management software program that allows labs to automatically schedule periodic maintenance and inspection events, as well as track, monitor and report those events using an extensive array of customisable reports. It provides a central repository for calibration and maintenance records, delivering unmatched flexibility in maintaining, visualising, and reporting instrument history, including instrument type, identification, location, user, as well as problem status and history.  

As a web-delivered Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, IMCS Live enables the organisation to replace large upfront fees and costs with periodic all-in-one subscription payments at a fraction of the price, thus enabling expenditures to be shifted from fixed costs to variable costs and increase the flexibility of cost structures.  
IMCS Live delivers much more than just a database for managing equipment maintenance records and tracking problem history. IMCS Live allows the lab unlimited categorisation of instrumentation and equipment; i.e., the lab can easily define and bundle equipment into assemblies. For instance, an HPLC is actually a system, not a single instrument. It is comprised of pumps, detectors, recorders, columns, injectors, a computer, etc., each of which needs some form of maintenance and/or calibration. IMCS Live can address each such system a! s a whole set, or separate out the parts into different sets. With IMCS Live, the lab can define the process or assembly, designate different HPLCs for different processes, and easily switch components between assemblies - all while maintaining the integrity of the individual component's maintenance and calibration history. In fact, all equipment can be assigned to a new assembly and still the lab will be able to instantly access the correct calibration history records. Such flexibility and record integrity is unmatched by any other calibration records management solution.

Not only do instrument records have infinite flexibility with IMCS Live, but research information can be attached to the instrument or component. For instance, users can attach chromatograph profiles to a particular column. Column types can be added and profiles created for column data such as PH, gradient, best solvents for a purpose, etc.

Continuous support and seamless upgrades to new features and functionality, customer support, and other operational services are all included instead of being treated as incremental costs. Major new product releases and application improvements are literally made overnight during off-hours, resulting in minimal service disruption.


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