High Memory Cluster

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Amazon Web Services has announced High Memory Cluster instances, a new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance family designed for memory-intensive applications such as in-memory analytics, databases, caching and scientific computing.

High Memory Cluster instances are suitable for applications that require a large amount of memory on a single instance, or require taking advantage of distributed memory architectures.

For distributed memory-intensive applications, High Memory Cluster instances are the most cost-effective Amazon EC2 instance, and provide a low cost per GiB of memory. TheseĀ  instances are based on two Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors that provide 88 EC2 Compute Units of compute capacity, two 120 GB solid state drives of instance storage, high bandwidth networking, and 244 GiB of RAM. This provides customers with improved performance and efficiency for in-memory analytics and other memory-intensive applications.