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Granta MI 2.0

Granta Design has launched the next version of Granta MI, a system for materials information management in various industries.


Granta MI version 2.0 has delivered wide-ranging new reference data to support materials-related decision-making.


Granta MI 2.0 also has two data management features, version control and data quality ratings, for constructing, managing, and using corporate materials databases.


Granta MI is the first materials system to implement formal version control, which enables a systematic approach to updating data, captures information explaining changes, and stores all previous versions of any item of data. This helps to control the release of data, retains materials knowledge, and allows recovery of past versions of information. The new data quality rating capability supports the implementation of corporate data quality systems, helping to ensure that data is used appropriately. These benefits are particularly important in sectors such as aerospace or medical devices where data is highly regulated and safety-critical.


Well-managed corporate materials information is only useful if it can be accessed by engineers, scientists, designers, and others that need it. Granta MI 2.0 further enhances the usability and appeal of the browser user interface with which these users navigate, search, and view information. Export of data for use in engineering design software is enhanced with new support for Pro/Engineer Wildfire from Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). Fully interactive access from computer-aided engineering (CAE) is enabled by a new plug-in for the Abaqus/CAE finite element analysis (FEA) software from the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes. This plug-in enables simulation engineers to search, view, retrieve, and apply in-house or reference materials data from Granta MI, without leaving their familiar Abaqus/CAE environment. File export or plug-in capabilities can also be built for other third party or in-house applications.


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