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GRAMS Suite 8.0

The GRAMS Suite provides an industry standard solution for the capture, processing, reporting and management of data from over 150 types of IR, UV-Vis, NMR and LC/GC-MS instruments.

Thousands of life and analytical science researchers rely on GRAMS powerful collection of processing routines to solve some of their most difficult data analysis problems. The GRAMS Suite improves access to data and facilitates collaboration while reducing the need for multiple software packages and their associated training.

Key Capabilities

  • Instrument control
  • Chemometric tools for multivariate analysis
  • Spectral Search and Library building
  • Chromatography and MS interpretation
  • Reaction analysis
  • High speed spectral processing language
  • On line spectral searching
  • WYSIWYG Instrument data reporting
  • Smart Convert™ 150+ data formats
  • Client/Server spectral database
  • Colour analysis
  • Raman interpretation
  • NMR interpretation
  • Atomic emission identification
  • Configurable user interface
  • Enterprise deployment tools

What’s New
Version 8 enhances GRAMS workgroup and enterprise connectivity with a full client/server update to Spectral DB, and features the new web-enabled Envision viewing and reporting tool.

GRAMS Envision
Envision allows scientists to find, view, manipulate and report analytical data stored in many of the most popular formats. ‘On the fly’ conversion of data to an XML standard allows a single report template to be applied to multiple instruments. Rapidly access ‘live’ data without multiple vendor workstation licences.

The core application of the GRAMS Suite, GRAMS/AI is a comprehensive processing, visualization and reporting package for most types of spectroscopy as well as hyphenated techniques. Its advanced processing routines, data comparison and visualization features and its ability to handle data from virtually any analytical instrument have set the industry standard in scientific software.

Spectral DB™
Often, researchers find themselves dealing with more information than they can effectively manage. Spectral DB provides a data management tool scalable from the desktop to the enterprise for organizing spectra, mol files and chromatograms into a simple, searchable databases. Supports Oracle, MS SQL Server and Access database formats.

PLSplus/IQ™ and IQ Predict™
Multivariate chemometric techniques such as PLS, PCR, PCA and discriminant analysis have become standard approaches to quickly analyzing complex samples from their spectral signatures.

Focusing purely on spectroscopy the PLSplus/IQ module provides an easy to follow, step-by-step user interface for creating and deploying royalty free calibration models for the laboratory and the production line.

Spectral ID®
Spectral pattern matching or "library searching" is one of the most efficient, effective methods for qualitative identification of compounds. Fast and easy to use, Spectral ID includes algorithms for materials identification using Mass Spectrometry or Spectroscopy. Libraries from multiple vendors can be centrally hosted and combined with user-built collections to allow efficient use of your organisations intellectual property.

Unlike static 3D plotting and rendering packages, GRAMS/3D is a true real-time visualization software application that offers scientists an interactive tool to view all the information in multidimensional data sets such as GC-IR, LC-PDA, multidimensional spectroscopy, 2D-NMR, 2D-IR, or spectroscopic mapping experiments.


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