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Gore SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies

Gore has introduced its SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies for the HPC, enterprise networking and network storage markets. These cable assemblies offer a more reliable, lower power and more cost-effective alternative to fibre optic modules for transmitting 10 Gbps data up to 25m. Gore SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies comply with the SFF-8431 standard, while providing reduced jitter, a very low latency, and a maximum signal eye opening.

Gore SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies provide the highest performance with a lower dielectric constant, lower loss, tighter impedance control, and a wider bandwidth. Through the use of a proprietary expanded PTFE dielectric, Gore achieves a smaller cable size for a given conductor or a larger conductor in a specific twinax diameter. These cables are completely RoHS-compliant, even with some exemptions that have been recently eliminated. The connector is made with a high-performance, low-loss RF material to reduce dielectric loss and provide a higher degree of impedance control through the link as well as reduced crosstalk compared to lossy FR-4 designs.


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