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Genedata Expressionist improves characterisation and automated quality monitoring

Genedata, a provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, has announced the latest release of Genedata Expressionist which streamlines and automates mass spectrometry data workflows. 

Genedata Expressionist 16.5 introduces top-down protein sequencing using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) to address the growing need to rapidly analyse expected drug proteoforms—for example, in biosimilar assessment—on an industrial scale. 

This release further enhances the established characterisation workflows built into Genedata Expressionist for identifying multiple clipping events in biotherapeutics. Smart filters reduce the number of false-positive clipping results that are typically obtained in such analyses, significantly reducing the time required to review large data sets. These new capabilities enable scientists working in biopharma to not only meet current and emerging analytical challenges but also allow them to keep pace with ever-increasing molecular complexity and process scale.

Genedata Expressionist offers automated product quality monitoring of emerging modalities—such as therapeutic oligonucleotides. Users can easily define critical quality attributes (CQAs) of any molecular structure and monitor them using routine automated processes. 

The generated results can be verified using a new interactive CQA review process, enabling users to leverage and integrate their knowledge into the overall automated workflow. With the introduction of these novel product quality monitoring capabilities, this release further cements the position of Genedata Expressionist as the platform of choice for the automation of MS data analysis across all stages of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.



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