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ESTECO announces membership to the Centre for e-Design

ESTECO SpA, a provider of numerical optimisation solutions, has become a member of the Centre for e-Design, a cooperative research center born under National Science Foundation initiative.

The NSF is an independent U.S. government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering through research programs and education projects. The centre for e-Design is organised with contribution from seven universities, several industry organisations and government agencies.

The Center is key partner of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDI) initiative of the Government, being contributor to the third DMDI Institute (DMDII) announced by President Obama in his 2013 State of the Union address.

The Center for e-Design envisions a future where systems and products are developed with the full participation of all key stakeholders, including manufacturers, engineers, designers, and consumers.

The Center has identified five major thrust areas for research: 1. New Design Paradigms and Processes, 2. Visualisation and Virtual Prototyping, 3. Enabling Information Infrastructure, 4. Design Optimisation and 5. Design Education. As a member, ESTECO will contribute to most of the thrust areas with its core research competencies and technology assets in design optimisation, web-based collaboration and engineering data analysis field.

ESTECO is proud to play a key role in this collaborative effort between academia, government and industry in the quest for a more competitive American Manufacturing. This will be attained through advanced concepts and technologies that will be translated into better products, faster production and lower costs for U.S. manufacturers.

By providing its flagship product for design optimisation, modeFRONTIER, ESTECO aims at supporting the Center in the activities focusing on fundamental research, research test beds, engineering education, and technology transfer and is honored to contribute to this partnership between industry and academia, key to realising this collaborative future.


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