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ESI releases Virtual Performance Solution

ESI Group, a provider of Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, has announced the latest release of its flagship software Virtual Performance Solution. This newest version provides industry leaders with new applications for water flow simulation, enhanced performances for the full NVH chain, and improved CAE process efficiency for virtual testing.

Using a single core model to run simulations across multiple domains, engineering teams from various departments and from different geographical sites can collaborate efficiently towards the creation of a full virtual prototype. This virtual prototype is in turn used to predict the future behaviour of industrial parts or products, in all domains of performance. Used by most automotive OEMs and their suppliers, Virtual Performance Solution also supports industry sectors ranging from aerospace to energy, heavy machinery, electronics, and consumer goods.

Mr Eisei Higuchi, Chief Engineer, Honda R&D, states: ‘HONDA R&D has been using ESI’s Virtual Performance Solution for over 20 years. Today, we are leveraging the capacities of Virtual Performance Solution’s single-core model on a full car for our latest vehicle platform development. The consistent chaining of virtual manufacturing results and virtual performance — not only for crash and safety domains but also for NVH and durability — is a definite technological breakthrough. Virtual Performance Solution enables us to ensure the right levels of product performance for lightweight design, and to face challenges related to evolving regulations.” Relative to the newest features added to Virtual Performance Solution, Mr. Higuchi continues: “We look forward to implementing ESI’s advanced water management solutions and to benefiting from the latest enhancements of Virtual Performance Solution, especially regarding NVH.’

ESI’s Virtual Performance Solution 2015 delivers new functionalities that extend virtual testing capabilities across multiple domains, while improving Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) process efficiency. For instance, the improved High Performance Computing efficiency for the full NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) chain enables users to investigate larger NVH models in more details, including the complete car trim interior.

Additionally, ESI’s Virtual Performance Solution includes features relative to modular input, to allow CAE teams to organise models in a more flexible way. By supporting increased model granularity, the modular input function is better adapted to end-to-end Virtual Prototyping processes, allowing engineers to refine models as they advance along the product development phase.

Thanks to the new Water Flow simulation capabilities in VPS, automotive manufacturers can now predict how water is drained around different parts of the car. Indeed, Virtual Performance Solution 2015 enables the virtual testing of water flows on sealing, closure and car body, in order to improve seal design and thus prevent water leakages. By coupling this new capability with crash simulation, automotive manufacturers can also anticipate tank sloshing effects.


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