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Ensemble for QA/QC

Ensemble for QA/QC, an integrated informatics solution tailored to decrease procedural errors and accelerate data review and results delivery of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) laboratories, has been released. The informatics platform integrates people, procedures and lab systems into one cohesive system that makes data and information available and accessible, wherever and whenever it is needed. This enables real-time control and automation that helps laboratories decrease procedural errors, reduce time spent on data review and speed up the delivery of results to end users.

The solution can be implemented in virtually any industry where testing and results are needed to control manufacturing processes and to ensure the quality of raw materials, in process samples and finished goods. A scalable architecture provides the means to support all levels of deployment from a single site to the entire enterprise, while a thorough security and audit trail implementation delivers support for stringent regulatory compliance requirements such as FDA, GLP and GMP. Some of the key industries currently served include pharmaceutical, food and drink, chemical/petrochemical and environmental.


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