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eNovator 4.0

Kinematik has released eNovator 4.0, which extends eNovator’s functionality by providing enhanced lab management and improved reporting in the Electronic Lab Notebook module, and broadens the project management capabilities in the Project and Portfolio Management module.

With the Electronic Lab Notebook in eNovator 4.0, R&D organisations can now manage laboratory materials at a more granular level along with their scientific information and data. The new lab management capabilities provide aliquot and materials management within the ELN, while enhanced reporting provides better visibility into scientific experiments. The new ‘One Click Reporting’ feature allows lab notebooks to be quickly approved, signed, and archived at the completion of an experiment.

eNovator 4.0 also provides added flexibility in project creation and project management, giving project managers and executive management increased visibility across the organisation. The new Java-based Gantt chart allows users to view, report on, and edit project information directly within the Gantt chart view of a project.


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