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KineMatik has enhanced its eNovator suite of products with the addition of eNovator Labelling, as well as improvements to its existing Navigation and Object Identifier modules. Both the new and enhanced modules support all existing eNovator modules or any OpenText Livelink environment. 

The new eNovator Labelling module adds advanced label design, printing, and barcode support to eNovator or Livelink environments. Samples, materials, equipment, or any other item can be labelled and easily tracked. Barcodes incorporated into label designs make data capture and search quick and easy. eNovator Labelling helps reduce errors in label creation, label information is clear and legible, and detailed audit trails provide the history required to maintain compliance with internal and external regulations.

The new release of eNovator Navigation extends the module developed to help users navigate complex Livelink environments. This new release adds Image Maps to complement the existing Navigation Wheel. The new Image Maps in eNovator Navigation lets users quickly and easily navigate to any location in the repository by simply clicking a graphic image on the map. Image Maps can be used to model organisation structures, product structures, geographic locations, or any other type of taxonomy or structure. With one mouse click a user displays the map from any screen in eNovator or Livelink. With a second click on the Image Map, they are instantly transferred to the appropriate location in the repository.

The new release of eNovator Object Identifier enhances the flexibility of the auto-numbering identifiers for all eNovator modules. Now identifiers can be created for objects and applied system wide, or only to specific nodes and their children. Additional options for defining identifiers using user IDs, dates, and enhanced formatting are now provided. Creation and configuration is easily done via the Livelink Administration module.


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