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Engineering Data Management (EDM)

The Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution from Formtek, has been certified by Alfresco, the enterprise document management company -- one of the first products to receive such certification under Alfresco's Partner programme.

Formtek provides content management software and services to engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, industrial, and technical organisations around the world. Its EDM Solution for Alfresco provides a packaged solution for managing engineering documents and drawings using the Alfresco One content platform, and integrates Alfresco with AutoCAD, the 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software application.

It provides a pre-configured content model, complete with metadata properties and forms, for both engineering documents and drawings. For management of AutoCAD files, the EDM Module includes a converter which automatically renders DWG, DWF, and DXF file types for viewing within Alfresco Share, and it can extract attributes present in AutoCAD files, including those in the drawing title block, and map the extracted data to EDM properties within Alfresco.

The Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD was also certified by Alfresco. This is a software plug-in for AutoCAD that allows users to interact with the Alfresco content repository directly from within the AutoCAD application. The EDM Connector maintains the integrity of referenced drawings (XREFs), as well as other types of referenced files (DGN, PDF, raster, etc.), by automatically associating them to the current drawing within Alfresco.

Peter Monks, director of technology for Alfresco, said: 'The Alfresco ecosystem is large and diverse, with hundreds of extensions and integrations, and many more Partner-developed solutions. Certification ensures that a Partner's software product is fully compatible with Alfresco, complies with Alfresco Best Practices, and has product support available.'


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