ELN version 4

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LABTrack has introduced version 4 of its Electronic Lab Notebook software. This version incorporates many improvements and new features, including the ability to view and edit embedded Microsoft Office files on the notebook page; drag and drop embedded files between notebook pages even in different notebooks; the notebook's data structure has been expanded to allow pages to be associated with experiments, projects, bookmarks and custom titles; and notebook pages can now be sorted by page number, project, experiment, title and user-defined bookmarks.

A powerful easy-to-use query builder has also been added that allows users to mine the data contained within their notebook pages. Users can query against page content, meta data, and field data from user defined templates. The query results can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Through employing the latest AJAX technology, LABTrack performs faster and can support more users with the same hardware. LABTrack is a thin client application (browser-based) compatible with both Mac and Windows and many browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, among others.