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EDEM 2.2

DEM Solutions has released EDEM 2.2, the latest version of its multi-purpose modelling software used to simulate and optimise bulk particle handling and processing operations.

The latest version of EDEM includes a number of enhancements to help the user configure exactly the data they require for analysis - improving productivity and ultimately maximising the time spent solving engineering problems.

EDEM 2.2 still has the option to save the full dataset, for use as restore points, but now includes the ability to selectively save sub-sets of the results data. Selecting only those sub-sets required for analysis can substantially reduce the file size. This gives users the flexibility to store a greater number of simulations - even large-scale simulations - for a given storage capacity.

Those users who run EDEM simulations along with other external data sources will now have the option to synchronise time in EDEM 2.2 with their external time settings. This is good news for users who run simulations with pre-defined geometry dynamics, external dynamics coupling, or field data linked to an external data source.

When saving an EDEM 2.2 simulation deck, users can now reset the elapsed simulation time to zero - or any other value - synchronising the new deck with the desired reference start time. All graphs produced from the results using the new simulation deck will read more easily - with axis labels generated from the user-specified time.

EDEM users who need their simulations to replicate specific mass flow rates - or fill a volume with a given total mass - can better define and control those issues with the new Mass Generation Rate feature in EDEM 2.2.


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