Dotmatics for Office

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UK-based Dotmatics, a provider of informatics solutions and services to the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries, has announced a new chemistry add-in for Microsoft Office. The software, Dotmatics for Office, will facilitate communication and sharing of scientific data across applications and teams by allowing users to easily import, create and modify scientific data in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, as well as move data between applications.

Structure searches and scientific property calculations can be performed without leaving familiar Office applications, and integration with Browser, the flagship enterprise search platform from Dotmatics, enables the add-in to incorporate data from multiple databases in an Office document. Information can be shown in a variety of formats chosen by the user, or according to predefined templates. Further analysis can be carried out within Vortex, Dotmatics’ exploratory data analysis platform.

Dr Mike Hartshorn, director and CSO of Dotmatics, commented: ‘The integration of Dotmatics for Office with Browser will enable scientists to uncover and retrieve data hidden in enterprise systems such as corporate registration databases and electronic notebooks into the user friendly Office applications. This avoids transcription errors, uncovers trends and, ultimately, expedites research.’