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DIAdem 2011

National Instruments has announced DIAdem 2011, the latest version of the software tool designed to make locating, inspecting, analysing and reporting on measurement data more efficient. The new version gives engineers a new data-loading method for access to large data sets in less time than before, a new DataPlugin Wizard for migrating from Excel to DIAdem and enhancements to the REPORT panel for more dynamic report creation.

Analysing and reporting time-based measurement data presents particular challenges that the software overcomes out of the box. It is optimised to operate on large data sets, includes engineering-specific analysis tools and features powerful report and script creation editors for automating repetitive data-processing tasks.

With new flexible loading options, engineers can choose to delay loading bulk data from Technical Data Management (TDM) and TDM Streaming (TDMS) files until absolutely necessary. This approach references data in place on disk during analysis and reporting without compromising the integrity of the original data stored in the file.

DIAdem REPORT has undergone fundamental changes to improve template-based report creation. Anti-aliasing improves general report quality by yielding cleaner imagery. Interactive axis scaling makes precise graphs and charts easier to create, and dynamic curve comments and snippets automatically update with formatting changes so that reports are always publication-ready. Additionally, a redesigned report management dialogue features filtering and duplication capabilities so that engineers quickly and easily can expand larger multipage report templates.


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