DADiSP Application Builder

The DADiSP Application Builder, or DAB, is a redistributable component form of DADiSP that allows users to embed DADiSP functionality into their stand-alone applications. The component operates as a standard ActiveX control compatible with almost any Windows-based application framework.

By separating DADiSP functionality into a standard component, users can use your tools of choice (VB, VB.NET, C++, C#, etc.) to build your application and have that application seamlessly make use of DADiSP's analytical and/or graphical capabilities. This allows the developer to simultaneously use their knowledge of DADiSP and their preferred application framework.

DAB offers a number of key features, including:

  • A small deployment footprint, about 3MB.
  • Fast native code implementation - no slow Java virtual machine overhead.
  • Works with any framework, you can use familiar and powerful Microsoft tools specialised to build GUIs, not cumbersome vendor specific implementations.
  • No custom compilers or link libraries required, use the development tools of the user’s choice.
  • Inherent support for large data files.
  • All features of DADiSP are still available including Worksheets, custom dialogs, SPLs and DLLs.
  • Leverages existing DADiSP knowledge for analytics and graphical manipulation.
  • Fast and simple application deployment.
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