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CytoSure Interpret 4.5.3

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has annouced the latest version (4.5.3) of its CytoSure Interpret software.

CytoSure Interpret is an easy-to-use package for the analysis of aCGH data. Offering new advanced features, including automatic aberration classification, the software allows the choice of standardised or customised user-defined data analysis.

With this latest version, OGT has introduced new features to facilitate and standardise the data analysis workflow. By using information available in online databases such as DECIPHER combined with settings defined by the user, the automatic aberration classification enables users to configure the software to perform an initial classification of any detected CNV automatically, accelerating analysis and standardising the interpretation.

The software allows simultaneous access to sample and experiment information across a network, providing the potential for labs on multiple sites to access a central database. In situations where IT infrastructures don’t permit this, the software now provides the additional functionality for exporting sample and experiment information into other databases, further facilitating sharing of case information and aberration calls.

In addition to the free-text phenotype field, users are also now able to use Standardised Phenotype (Human Phenotype Ontology - HPO) terms to simplify and normalise the phenotype description process via a HPO Phenotype Selector window.

Dr Ruth Burton, Product Manager for CytoSure said ‘CytoSure Interpret software continues to be cited as a decisive factor when purchasing CytoSure arrays and was a major contributor to our recent success in a competitive NHS tender for the supply of oligo-based arrays for cytogenetics research. Our dedicated software development team are continually implementing enhanced features and capabilities in response to new product development and customer feedback, reflecting the overall OGT strategy to provide the most effective and high quality products, services and support.’


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