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CytomX Therapeutics deploys Genedata Bioprocess

Genedata, has announced that CytomX has implemented Genedata workflow platform to accelerate development and manufacture of proprietary biotherapeutic modalities for cancer treatment. CytomX will use Genedata Bioprocess to streamline and automate its process development workflows to make the development of production processes more efficient than previously possible.

CytomX Therapeutics, a clinical-stage oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company, has licensed Genedata Bioprocess to act as an integrated workflow backbone for its bioprocess development operations. 

‘As our portfolio of novel drug candidates continues to rapidly expand, we needed to ramp up our development operations to keep pace. Genedata Bioprocess ensures the upscaling of our new drug manufacturing processes,’ said Dr Sridhar Viswanathan, senior vice president, Process Sciences and Manufacturing Operations at CytomX Therapeutics. ‘Our decision to adopt the Genedata Bioprocess platform is based on its ability to directly integrate with our laboratory equipment and automate all data transfer, capture, processing, and data analysis and interpretation. By enabling true high-throughput processes, we can significantly reduce time, effort, and costs within our daily operations.’

Genedata Bioprocess has been implemented in CytomX’s process development groups, with a focus on managing and interpreting bioreactor online and offline data. In particular, the platform will be used for CytomX’s novel class of antibody therapeutics based on its Probody therapeutic technology platform. Genedata Bioprocess will be used across all R&D programs at CytomX, including both proprietary and partnered R&D programs.

Co-developed over the last six years with major biopharmaceutical companies, Genedata Bioprocess has been adopted by large, multinational biopharmaceutical companies and CMOs, as well as by smaller, innovative biotechnology organisations. The platform integrates all data generated along the biopharmaceutical development and CMC process, including upstream (USP), downstream (DSP), and analytics functions. It enables fully-automated processes, such as streamlining highly parallelised scale-down expression experiments in ambr mini-bioreactors and data processing for large-scale bioreactors. In addition, by providing a central platform, it accelerates and improves the drug candidate’s transition from research to development. Built on a modular and scalable architecture, the platform is suitable for installations ranging from single-site groups to global, multi-site biopharma development organizations.

‘We are delighted that CytomX, a leader with an innovative oncology drug development platform, has implemented Genedata Bioprocess to streamline their biopharma development operations,’ said Dr Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. ‘We are pleased to see that our integrated R&D workflow platform helps our rapidly growing customer base to reduce R&D process complexity, thereby enabling a cost-efficient development of innovative drugs that will help patients worldwide.’



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