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Finisar has introduced C.wire, a 150Gbps optical link for storage, data centre, and high-performance computing connectivity. Based on the CXP form factor, the C.wire active optical cable (AOC) utilises fibre optic technology to transmit parallel high-speed data in 100+ Gbps applications such as InfiniBand, 100G Ethernet, and proprietary high-speed interconnections.

With the increase in I/O bandwidth required by next generation CPUs, protocols such as InfiniBand and Ethernet need very high speed connectivity solutions for next-generation data center architectures. Aggregation switches, stacked switches and meshed network topologies need to deploy cabling solutions that are beyond the bandwidth and distance limitations available in copper. C.wire transmits parallel 12x12.5Gbps data bi-directionally over a multimode fibre (MMF) ribbon cable. Its superior low-power, small bend radius and high-density (Gb/s per mm³) make it the ideal connectivity solution for growing data centres and HPC clusters.


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