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Cray CX1

Cray's CX1 deskside supercomputers are now available with the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series, which accelerate performance and save energy.

With the addition of the new Intel Xeon processors series, the Cray CX1 now features an Intel Core microarchitecture built on the company's latest 32nm process technology. The new microarchitecture features two more compute cores per socket (from four core to six core) while maintaining the same thermal footprint. Compared to the Intel Xeon processor 5550 series released last year, these new Intel Xeon processors add 50 per cent more compute power, but keep power and energy consumption levels flat.

First introduced in September 2008, the Cray CX1 line of deskside supercomputers is designed from the ground up to provide superior performance, functionality and cost for individuals and departmental workgroups who want to harness the compute power of an HPC cluster. Equipped with state-of-the-art visualisation and storage capabilities, the Cray CX1 systems deliver performance leadership across a broad range of applications – all in a compact, deskside system.


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