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Crash Cad Calculate

The Altair Partner Alliance has announced that Impact Design Europe has joined the programme with its impact analysis tool, Crash Cad Calculate (CCC).

CCC is aimed at assisting in the design and optimisation of thin-walled cross sections of beams used in the creation of any crashworthy structure. CCC is applicable wherever the energy absorption of beam construction is crucial, including in the automotive, rail, and aerospace industries, among others.

'Joining Altair Partner Alliance is a great opportunity to help our product gain further worldwide exposure,' said Agata Abramowicz Sokoll, CEO of Impact Design Europe. 'Crash Cad Calculate is a versatile tool that can be applied to any structure that may endure a great impact, which we think will complement the existing crash analysis offering already within the APA.'

Based on the macro element method, CCC provides a user friendly environment for effortless cross section design, requiring only a few seconds to perform the calculations. It also possesses the capability to edit the material each is made of, and compare the results. CCC comprises five segments: Cross Section Optimizer, Cross Section Editor (CSE), Cross Section Comparison Tool, Material Editor, and Characteristics Editor.


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