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CoolitPCB CFD software

AMS Technologies has released the latest version of CoolitPCB CFD software for board analysis developed by Daat Research Corporation.

CoolitPCB calculates fine mesh models in the time it takes competitors to deliver coarse grid answers. No longer do designers have to trade-off grid granularity for speed; quick, accurate answers are available with the very first model.Accelerated calculations are part of many new features in the latest release of CoolitPCB v.3.0. CoolitPCB handles transient and steady state laminar and turbulent flows and accounts for forced and free convection, conduction and radiation. It reports component junction temperature, case temperatures, shows 3D airflow and temperature distribution.  CoolitPCB can also import PCB artwork (traces), a feature found in no other CFD software.

CoolitPCB is fully integrated with Daat’s flagship thermal design software, Coolit, so CoolitPCB models can be readily incorporated into more complex Coolit models.


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