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Connection Portal

Mechdyne has launched Connection Portal, a web‐based interface allowing everyone in an organisation to access computer assets from anywhere within the enterprise. Connection Portal allows users to utilise pooled blades, desk-side work stations, meeting rooms and collaborative work sessions.

'If accessing all the computer resources in your organisation from anywhere could improve and simplify your workflows, then Mechdyne’s Connection Portal is the solution,' said Julien Berta, VP for technology and innovation in Mechdyne’s software division. 'Connection Portal is like a keychain that gives you access from everywhere.'

Unlike the traditional set-up where each user is limited by the software on their own desktop or on a conference room’s computer, Connection Portal extends the base ‘point‐to‐point’ capability of remote desktop software to an enterprise‐integrated system that collects and manages all the inventory of an organisation’s available computers, meeting spaces and people.


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