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CES Selector

Granta Design has released CES Selector 2013, a new version of its PC-based software for materials decision support, and also a new release of its Coatings Data Module.

By supporting critical choices of material and processes, CES Selector helps engineers optimise cost, performance, and environmental impact. The new release provides extra help for engineers concerned with equivalency and other metals-related challenges. New tools help those seeking similar or replacement materials across the full range of plastics, metals, ceramics, and composites. And there are new capabilities for lightweight design and environmental design.

Those working with metals benefit from the launch of the new CES Metal Selector. By combining the core functionality of CES Selector with two specialist datasets, CES Metal Selector helps engineers and materials experts who need to find and use information on metals specifications, designations, and global metal equivalencies. MI-21 provides access to 100 years-worth of the World Metals Index's (WMI) metals data and a unique compilation of information on metal joining and surface treatment consumables from The Welding Institute (TWI). StahlDat SX is the official compilation of all registered and maintained European Standards for steels according to EN10027-2, the European Register of Steels (Stahl-Eisen-Liste).

The growing information resource represented by Granta’s Coatings Data Module supports strategic decision-making about coatings, taking full account of complex performance, cost, compliance, regulatory, and risk factors. The new release extends the coverage of coatings to include those typically used in the oil and gas sector. It now covers more than 140 coatings of different types, including: anodising; corrosion inhibitor; conversion; CVD; electro/electroless plate; heat treat; PVD; and thermal spray.


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