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CES Selector

Granta Design has released a new version of CES Selector software to aid the selection of engineering materials and manufacturing processes. CES Selector helps product designers and manufacturers to meet engineering regulations while finding the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly strategy.

CES Selector combines data on the mechanical, physical, economic, and eco-properties of materials with powerful graphical software. The 2007 version features new price estimate data for over 3,000 materials, generated using an improved and updated price model.

Together with new software features enabling materials to be ranked based on 'cost per unit of function', this allows users to quickly identify and compare optimal materials for complex combinations of properties. It is ideal for identifying substitute materials.

New specialist data is also available for medical plastics, thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), and the eco-properties of materials. New communication, usability, and documentation features make CES Selector easier. These graphical capabilities help materials teams or designers wishing to present or discuss selection decisions, as well as materials producers wishing to position products against competitive offerings.


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