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Certara Launches Version 10 of D360

Certara, has announced the launch of version 10 of D360, its data informatics platform for discovery scientists.

D360 is a self-service data access, integration and visualisation solution used to query diverse cheminformatics and bioinformatics data sources to make informed go/no-go research decisions. Used by more than 5,000 scientists worldwide, D360 enables researchers to cut dramatically the time required to access and analyse data and gain new insights.

‘As drug discovery continues to grow in terms of volume of data, complexity, and cost, scientists require cutting-edge analytical and visualisation tools that will allow them to extract insights from the data easily and efficiently. In close partnership with our D360 users, we have developed and integrated new and enhanced visualisation capabilities into the platform that provide an easy-to-use interface for building and interacting with charts to obtain a deeper understanding of the data,’ said Certara senior director, product management David Lowis. 

The new visualisation features in D360 v10 include the ability to chart chemical structures for direct structure-activity display, conduct subset analysis to segment and understand data (trellising), and plot complex, multi-value per record data. These visualisation capabilities allow scientists to make sense of the data at a glance so that they can make informed decisions quickly. Scientists can also easily display threshold and correlations on plots with user-defined lines. 

In addition to upgraded visualization, D360 v10 offers new data presentation capabilities. D360 can now turn complex raw data into a simple view by grouping results obtained under scientifically-equivalent conditions. D360 also provides data quality and quantity indicators, allowing users to immediately assess the quality of a data point based on the nature of underlying, individual experimental results.


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