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Certara Launches BaseCase Data Manager to Enhance Value-based Customer Presentations

Certara, a provider of model-informed drug development and decision support software, has announced the launch of BaseCase Data Manager, which allows clients to build interactive, data-driven mobile tools using real-world data sources, such as healthcare claims, costs, quality, outcomes, and population data. BaseCase Data Manager is able to handle such large datasets because it can now aggregate data using SQL queries in addition to standard spreadsheet functions. As the database is uploaded into the data layer beneath the presentation, it can be updated with a few clicks without disrupting the presentation. In fact, it is possible to replace an entire database without disrupting the user interface connections.

'This BaseCase Data Manager advance allows clients to incorporate large, real-world datasets into their customer presentations, injecting a higher level of accuracy and relevance into the discussion and increasing customer engagement,” said Thomas Kerbusch, PhD, President of Certara Strategic Consulting. “Further, the product enhances the quality and impact of value communications, while also replacing error-prone manual processes with compliant, centralised data management.”

Changes can be made centrally and distributed automatically to every device in the field, ensuring that all staff have the most current information and are fully compliant all the time. 

'In addition to improving clients’ in-person customer interactions, BaseCase Data Manager also allows data tailored to the customer’s needs to be included in reports generated by BaseCase Interactive, providing personalised reports automatically, which staff can leave behind as superior follow-up materials,' said BaseCase Senior vice president Seamus Nestor.

BaseCase Data Manager can be used for a multitude of applications. Examples include hospital benchmarking, presenting a product’s value story and impact on a patient population, and highlighting portfolio savings potential based on increased product volume. It can also provide field teams with real-time access to sales information for account planning, calculate the per-procedure savings for a new product live, or leverage value-based pricing strategies via interactive visualisations during payer discussions.

Founded in 2007, and acquired by Certara in January 2018, BaseCase is a software as a service (SaaS) and value communication company that has been developing interactive mobile apps for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for more than a decade.


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