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Certara’s Analytica Laser launches Market Access Radar

Certara, a provider of in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, market access and real-world evidence services, has announced the launch of Analytica Laser’s Market Access Radar, a three times weekly market access intelligence briefing.

This market access data is also available via an easily searchable web portal.

‘As new health technologies face increasing scrutiny from payers globally, a robust and informed market access strategy will drive the success of new drug and device launch plans,’ said Roman Casciano, ME, general manager of Analytica Laser. ‘Staying informed on payer decision-making trends and their underlying rationale is central to understanding what drives value in the eyes of the ultimate gatekeepers and is critical to making sound development and investment decisions.’

Market Access Radar provides product development and commercialization teams with timely, relevant news pertaining to market access for drugs and medical devices in the US, Canada, the EU5, CEE countries, Australia and New Zealand. This information includes new or updated reimbursement recommendations, financing and legal changes, marketing authorizations, safety records, clinical trial milestones and other important events. A team of experienced Analytica Laser market access professionals monitors assesses and prioritizes the information’s impact prior to its selection. This approach ensures that the most critical market access information is included, offering decision value for subscribers.

‘To ensure that a new drug or medical device launch will be successful, clinical and commercial development teams need to pay close attention to any changing risks or opportunities in their target market that could impact reimbursement. Market Access Radar is the go-to source for those wanting to stay abreast of changes in a simple format based on reliable, trusted sources and analysis,’ said Jacek Walczak, vice president at Analytica Laser and lead for Market Access Radar.

Analytica Laser constantly monitors more than 600 pertinent international news sources and it also receives data regularly from local experts for inclusion in Market Access Radar.

With its latest acquisitions – Analytica Laser and BaseCase – Certara has added market access and value communication capabilities to its portfolio. Analytica Laser uses health economics and outcomes research and real-world data to provide the highest level of scientific evidence of the value of medicines and health technologies. BaseCase is a data visualization company that excels at communicating complex data sets effectively.

Certara can now combine analysis and advice on drug or medical device safety and efficacy with product effectiveness and patient outcomes. As a result, it can offer clients evidence-based approaches for improved decision making at every step of the drug or device development process from candidate selection through to negotiations with payers and health authorities.


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