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Bugworks license Optibrium's StarDrop software

Optibrium and Bugworks Research, a company focused on discovering biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of critical and serious bacterial infections, have announced the signing of a two-year agreement to license Optibrium’s StarDrop software. 

The agreement will see deployment of StarDrop and five of its plug-in modules enabling Bugworks’ scientists at their research site in India to quickly understand structure-activity relationships, identify potential liabilities and design new compounds with the highest chance of success.

Dr Balasubramanian, President research and development, Bugworks commented: ‘The antibiotic pipeline lacks new mechanisms against drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Our own in-house efforts to address this are complemented by StarDrop’s intuitive user interface and unique approach to multi-parameter optimisation and compound design.’

Nick Foster, Optibrium’s head of commercial operations, added: ‘We are delighted to welcome Bugworks to the family of StarDrop users. Antibiotic resistance is a growing global concern and we look forward to supporting the use of StarDrop in the discovery of new ways to combat superbugs.’

Dr Girinath Pillai, CEO at Zastra Innovations, Optibrium’s distribution partner in India, added: ‘We are very pleased to have been able to support Optibrium and Bugworks in establishing the license agreement. We will continue to ensure easy and fast access to StarDrop with our dedicated team for local on-call and on-site support.’

StarDrop is a suite of integrated software with a highly visual and user-friendly interface. It enables a seamless flow from the latest data through to predictive modelling and decision-making regarding the next round of synthesis and research, improving the speed, efficiency, and productivity of the drug discovery process. Seamlessly connecting with other informatics methods and databases, StarDrop provides user-friendly access to resources, making project management quicker and simpler.


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