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Bright Cluster Manager

transtec, a provider of solutions for high performance computing (HPC), is now offering to its customers Bright Cluster Manager as a full management solution for HPC clusters.

Bright Cluster Manager, from Bright Computing, removes the complexity from deploying, monitoring and managing HPC clusters. The intuitive graphical user interface provides visibility and manageability to all aspects of the cluster, without the need for the administrator to understand Linux. Alternatively, the cluster can be managed at the CLI-level via Bright's cluster management shell. Productivity is also enhanced by its seamless architecture: a single process controls all provisioning, monitoring, health-checking and management of the cluster, minimising system overhead and maintenance.

In its latest incarnation 5.2, Bright Cluster Manager offers full CUDA 4.0 support, a tight integration of various job management systems like PBS Pro, Torque/Moab, SLURM, LSF or Grid Engine; a web-based user portal; a Python interface allowing for script-controlled administration of HPC clusters with Bright; as well as support for the latest Linux distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, CentOS 6, Scientific Linux 6 and SLES 11 SP1.


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