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BlazeLink 3.3

Blaze Systems has announced the release of version 3.3 of its BlazeLink instrument interfacing middleware.

Instrument interfacing has long been recognised as an easy opportunity for a step change in laboratory effectiveness, often delivering 20 to 40 per cent labour savings, eliminating a one to three per cent transcription error rate, and reducing turn-around time with attendant enterprise benefits.

The company says the product is ideally positioned to deliver these benefits to laboratories by integrating any instrument with any LIMS at low cost. BlazeLink supports unidirectional or bi-directional operation, handling the entire integration task, including transport, translation, and data augmentation.

BlazeLink usually operates in a fully automated and unattended mode, but may also provide an operator interface for data review and augmentation. It is configurable for any data source or destination, employing tools such as a powerful new visual parsing program, XML style sheets, comprehensive calculation processor, and plug-ins for special protocols and web services access.


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